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Fortunately, Finesse Dental Care is up to date with the new-and-improved dental technology in the world today, which means we proudly use dental lasers at our office.

Dental lasers are small, hand-held tools that produce energy in the form of a light. They can be beneficial in many ways, including by reducing your nerves and helping your dentist, Dr. Steven Hever, perform a more comfortable, accurate, and successful treatment. They can also reduce the pain in treatments, minimize bleeding and swelling, and preserve more of a healthy tooth when removing a dental cavity.

Because dental lasers are so beneficial, they are used for many dental treatments, including:

-Tooth decay removal: Lasers can eliminate tooth decay from your chomper and can also help your tooth prepare for the dental filling.

-Gum treatments: Lasers can reshape your gums after they have moved away from the teeth or have become damaged.

-Root canal therapy: Lasers can clean the surgical area from bacteria, which can lessen the chances of infection.

-Biopsy: Lasers can remove a portion of your oral tissue from your mouth so your dentist can examine it for oral cancer.

-Lesion removal: Lasers can remove lesions from your oral cavity and can also reduce the pain of canker sores.

-Teeth whitening: Lasers can speed up the whitening process in the office to give you the bright and brilliant smile you have always wanted.

Dentists use dental lasers because they can act as a cutting agent and they can vaporize tissue. They can also strengthen the bond between a dental filling and a tooth and they can quicken the teeth-whitening process by activating the whitening solution with heat.

Dental lasers are beneficial for both the patients and for Dr. Steven Hever, which is why our team is happy to use them. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about dental lasers in Westlake Village, California, we encourage you to call Finesse Dental Care today at (805) 742-4749. We look forward to talking with you!