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While it’s rare there are times when a tooth is lost to a severe cavity, dental fracture, or an oral trauma that requires extraction. This can cause a myriad of problems with your oral function and appearance. In a situation like this, Dr. Steven Hever might recommend replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant.

This method of dental restoration calls for a minimally invasive oral surgery where Dr. Steven Hever installs a titanium dental implant into the bone structure of the existing dental socket.

Dr. Steven Hever can usually do this this in a single outpatient appointment where you will need to be deeply sedated. Afterward, you will still feel some sedative effect. It’s best to arrange for a ride home from a friend or family member while your senses clear.

In time, the titanium dental implant will start to gradually fuse with the surrounding bone tissues. This will provide a very strong anchor for an eventual crown. Once this happens, Dr. Steven Hever can start the process of fitting the dental implant with a dental crown.

The material Dr. Steven Hever recommends for your dental crown will be based on the tooth’s location in your mouth. If the restored tooth will be visible in your smile, he will likely recommend a porcelain dental crown. This special material can be perfectly shaded to match your existing natural teeth.

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