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Finesse Dental Care was founded upon the idea that teeth are valuable and worthy of tender loving care. We love your teeth, and as such we are trained to use some very handy dental tools. To satisfy your curiosity, we’ve created a list of some of the most common instruments we use:

Spatula: A short rod connects to flat tops which are used to mix chemicals together for the application.

Cotton Pliers: These pliers are kind of like tiny hands. We use them to guide, grasp, and place dental items in various parts of the oral cavity.

Dental Hatchet: This tool is more gentle than you might think; it smoothes out and preps a tooth for various treatments.

Mouth Mirror: Mouth mirrors are composed of a tiny circular mirror piece attached to a metal rod. These are inserted into the mouth to view the backs of the teeth so that a dentist can examine dental issues which are not normally visible.

Periodontal Probe: This is a rod with angled wire attached to it used to test the health of your gums.

Explorer: This tool appears to look like a small metal version of a shepherd’s staff. We use it to probe for cavities, tapping the teeth to look for demineralized teeth and damaged tissue.

Dr. Steven Hever and our dental team are excited to use these tools to give you a glowing, bright and confident smile. All you need to do is set up an appointment by contacting our office in Westlake Village, California, by calling (805) 742-4749.