Your oral health is an important part of your overall systemic health, which is why Dr. Hever and Dr. Stout strive to enhance the quality of your teeth and gums. At Finesse Dental Care, we provide biocompatible dentistry to improve our dental care and better our patients’ general health.

Biocompatible dentistry focuses on the relationship between dental materials and oral health, and their impact on a patient’s overall wellbeing. A biocompatible dentist is concerned about the integrity of the oral cavity and only offers materials that are friendly to your personal health. Our dentists offer natural materials in our dental care to ensure that no metals or toxins will become involved in your dental treatment.

By acknowledging the link between oral and general health, Drs. Hever and Stout can help you prevent health risks connected to both and enjoy an overall-improved wellbeing. For example, periodontal disease has been linked to heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, and premature birth.

When you visit Finesse Dental Care, you can rest assured that our dentists will only offer you the treatments that are best for your unique health. Contact us today at 805-777-7447 to schedule your appointment and learn more about biocompatible dentistry in Westlake Village, California. We look forward to hearing from you!