Tooth decay, dental trauma, and age can all lead to weakened and broken teeth. If you have a damaged smile, you may have difficulty speaking, chewing, and smiling without discomfort. At Finesse Dental Care, our skilled dentists can help you regain your smile and make it better than ever with our high-quality dental crowns and bridges.

A dental crown is a restorative cap that covers the broken or damaged tooth to improve strength, function, and beauty. Our crowns are made of porcelain to ensure they are durable, aesthetic, and safe for your mouth.

If you are missing one or more teeth in one area of your mouth, our dentists may recommend a dental bridge. This restoration consists of one or more synthetic teeth to fill the gap created by tooth loss. Dental crowns are attached on either side to rest on the surrounding teeth and provide permanent stability.

Drs. Hever and Stout ensure that our dental crowns and bridges are custom made to provide you with comfortable, natural, and long-lasting results. If you are in need of repair for a broken tooth in Westlake Village, California, please contact Finesse Dental Care, at (805) 742-4749 to schedule a consultation. We will carefully examine your dental condition to determine whether you would benefit most from a bridge or crown.