Oral Health Services: Dental Bonding

Have you been giving your smile the attention and care it requires? Are you brushing your teeth at least twice every day and flossing daily as well? Have you recently visited your dentist for a regular checkup for one of your bi-annual professional cleanings yet? If you have not been... Read more »

Teeth Whitening 101

Are you thinking of a teeth-whitening treatment to boost your self-esteem? If so, good for you! Many people are surprised at the difference a simple teeth-whitening treatment can make in their smile. That is why our team here at Finesse Dental Care in Westlake Village, California, is happy to help... Read more »

An Extracted Tooth Can Often Be Replaced with a Dental Implant

While it’s rare there are times when a tooth is lost to a severe cavity, dental fracture, or an oral trauma that requires extraction. This can cause a myriad of problems with your oral function and appearance. In a situation like this, Dr. Steven Hever might recommend replacing the missing... Read more »

Treating Sensitive Teeth

When you have sensitive teeth, you may experience tenderness when eating or drinking. Here at Finesse Dental Care, we want to help you treat your teeth so you can go about your day in ease. Each treatment depends on the source, and there are multiple treatments to choose from that... Read more »

Invisalign® for Straight Teeth and a Healthy Smile

Dr. Steven Hever and our Finesse Dental Care team offer Invisalign clear aligners for our patients in Westlake Village, California wanting straighter teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) has found that an aligned smile is good for one’s health as well as fixing oral issues derived from a misaligned bite,... Read more »

Do You Know Why CEREC® Dental Crowns Are So Special?

Do you know why CEREC® dental crowns are so special? Did you know that CEREC dental crowns can be assembled at your dentist office instead of being sent off to a lab while you wait for weeks on end for your dental crown? Oftentimes with dental crowns, their need is... Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Might Be Needed with Dental Veneers

There are several different ways to cosmetically improve the appearance of your smile. One of the more common options people choose is to have dental veneers installed at Finesse Dental Care. These are thin, porcelain shells that are created in a professional dental lab to match the faces of each... Read more »

Protect Your Tooth Enamel from Dental Erosion

Protect your tooth enamel from dental erosion by taking the necessary steps to prevent harmful acids from attacking your teeth. Although brushing and flossing habits are helpful, some types of toothpaste can be overly abrasive and damage your teeth if your teeth are already overly sensitive due to acidic damage.... Read more »

We Can Help You Beat Sleep Apnea

Having sleep apnea can put your wellbeing and health at great risk. If you have a sleep apnea, getting treatment for the disorder is incredibly important. The sleeping disorder disrupts your normal breathing patterns during your sleep by blocking your air flow. In more severe cases, known as central sleep... Read more »

Restore Your Smile by Replacing Missing Teeth

If you are looking for a tooth replacement treatment that equally balances aesthetics with durability, dental implants may be your perfect match. With a new set of teeth to fill the gaps that missing ones have left behind, your smile will be healthier, stronger, and more beautiful. Restore your smile... Read more »