A 3D CBCT machine uses cone beam technology to create 3D images. A cone beam scanner rotates around the patient’s head, collecting images of the oral cavity, adjacent structures, and nasal cavity from multiple angles. These images can be used to produce 3D renderings. The CBCT machine is capable of storing and transmitting these images easily, making these scans a popular choice for dental imaging.

How Is a CBCT Scan Performed?


A 3D cone-beam scanner uses a special type of X-ray sensor that rotates around the patient’s head, taking multiple images in just seconds. The cone-beam scanner captures a 360-degree view of all the teeth, upper and lower jaws, sinuses, temporomandibular joints, jaw joints, and other facial structures. The scans are completed quickly, and a computer then processes, creates, and displays a 3D image of the head and neck for review.

Dental technology is always improving and here, at Finesse Dental, we use 3D cone-beam scanning to provide accurate, high-quality images of your oral structures. This enables us to make better diagnoses with more confidence.

Unlike traditional X-rays, this advanced imaging technology provides three-dimensional images of your teeth, jaw, and skull. This allows us to examine your oral structures from every possible angle, which helps us detect any abnormalities and plan treatment more precisely.

Are CBCT Scans Safe?


Cone beam technology is quite safe. It doesn’t use radiation, so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to harmful rays. However, a cone-beam scan does have some limitations. For example, it doesn’t work as well with denser tissues. It also doesn’t provide as much detail as a CT scan, so the process has to be repeated if you want the best images possible.

Are CBCT Scans Painful?


Absolutely not! For many of our patients, 3D scanning is more comfortable than the regular 2D X-ray. The scanner arm isn’t placed inside your mouth and there is no poking around or pressing on the sensitive roof of your mouth. Also, the X-ray beam is only aimed at a small, flat portion of your head. The scanning process only takes 10-20 seconds.


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