White Spot Removal In Thousand Oaks, CA

White Spot Removal In Thousand Oaks, CA

White spot lesions can be described as small white opaque lesions that are generally found on anterior incisors, canines, and premolars.

A white spot is an area of tooth enamel that has demineralized. Demineralization causes the area of tooth enamel to appear white or translucent. White spots on teeth can also be the result of trauma to the teeth, poor oral hygiene, etc. White spots are one of the most common dental cosmetic issues. 

The other common causes of white spots on teeth include issues like:

  • Dental fluorosis (a condition resulting from a higher intake of fluoride during the adult teeth development period)
  • Congenital hypomineralisation of teeth that occurs as a result of a dental infection or trauma to the teeth during infancy
  • Molar incisor hypomineralisation (a condition resulting from the lack of enamel mineralization during its maturation stage)
  • Decalcification of enamel that occurs during orthodontic treatments like fixed braces due to poor oral hygiene around the orthodontic brackets.

How Does a Dentist Diagnose a White Spot Lesion?

White spot lesions or erosive lesions are areas of the tooth enamel that are worn away by abrasion, erosion, or chemical processes. If they're found early, white spot lesions can be reversed before they become a larger problem.

The dentist can diagnose white spot lesions by examining the surface of your teeth. They appear as small white spots or chalky white patches on your teeth.

White Spot Removal Treatment

In the past, the treatment for white spot lesions involved more invasive procedures. The common treatments used for white spot lesions included the following:

  • Tooth bleaching
  • Enamel microabrasion
  • Direct composite resin bonding/veneers
  • Indirect composite/porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns

Icon Resin Infiltration

At Finesse Dental Care, we offer Icon resin infiltration as a treatment for white spots. It is a safe, painless, innovative method to erase white spot lesions that is non-invasive.

How Does Icon Work?

White spot lesions are usually the result of an imbalance of mineralization and remineralization of the teeth. It means some areas of the tooth enamel have a higher concentration of minerals than other parts, thus causing uneven coloration. The lesions are the portions of the teeth where minerals can't reach the deeper levels of the dental enamel.

Here is how Icon works to address white spots: 

  • After exposing the tubules of the tooth with the micro-abrasion process, our dentist will apply an etching material to the tooth multiple times. This is to ensure that the resin material that helps with the color correction can properly soak into the tooth.
  • After drying the tooth, the special resin is applied, which will infiltrate the lesion and penetrate into the tooth to bond with the tooth's structure.
  • The extra resin is removed, the resin remaining on the teeth is hardened using a light, and the teeth are polished.

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